Who is Anna Yan?

Apart from standing in line to meet Data and Deanna Troi, I am the founder of Phongphusion Multimedia Design and an award-winning multimedia designer. I specialize in User Interface Design and Development by building clean, visually appealing, and functional interfaces which comply with the latest web standards. While I have a great deal of experience in interactive media, I can also design for print collateral.

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At Phongphusion Multimedia, I am passionate about creating stylish, stunning and user-friendly website designs. By building intelligent and scalable systems, I deliver web projects that add real value to your business; whether it is small businesses, start ups, creative groups and people like you. From start to finish I am here to help you improve your business, strengthen your online presence and communicate your message.

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Whether it be in WordPress, raw HTML, or every snippet of your code, I am dedicated to working within your website’s internal framework. If you have a web site project or print design in mind, need a little help to update and maintain your site, or want to discuss how I can help you improve your online business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Or, contact me for a free consultation.

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What Clients Are Saying

“I have worked with Anna on a number of projects and found her to be an excellent collaborator. She worked hard to understand what I wanted and always produced excellent design. The most recent project was very complex and Anna produced a sophisticated web design in front of a complicated back end. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anna to anyone for this type of work.”
“I have known Anna since 1997. Anna received great training and skills in Florida in web design and programming. She became very proficient in PHP and became a skilled designer. In 2008 I was able to hire Anna on a contractual basis as a web designer/developer. Since then, I never turned back and Anna still continues to remain my first call whenever WebEffective Marketing Inc. has a need for web development/design – which is every month on some level. Anna is very efficient, trustworthy, incredibly loyal, and a pleasure to deal with. I really like her creative concepts and her programming is always bullet-proof. Anna delivers on-time and on-budget. Anna is highly motivated and can work indepentantly. I recommend Anna without hesitation. If you have any questions and/or would like to discuss my recommendation for Anna please do not hesitate to contact me directly.”
Dean Daly, Owner, WebEffective Marketing Inc.
“Anna has successfully landed a position at one of my client’s site as a professional web/graphic designer. She is professional, proficient, and personable- This makes her a great person to work with. Her skills are well-rounded in creative design and is capable in managing multiple projects and delivering within deadlines. I recommend Anna as a great resource to various organizations needing a Senior Designer/ Art Director with a great personality.”
Ryan Wong, Recruitment Associate, West Pacific Consulting Group (WPCG)
“Anna is super talented designer. She tries new stuff, she doesn’t stick to the same old routine look and feel but she constantly tries to add in new things and try new technologies. She is also very reliable when it comes to delivery times and deadlines. It was a definite pleasure working with Anna.”
Smitha Poluri, Web Application Developer, Contac Services
“Though Anna and I worked on multiple projects together, the biggest was the design of a new e-newsletter. The project was extensive and convoluted at times; however, Anna rose to the challenge throughout the duration of the project. She approached the project methodically and thoroughly, was on task with meeting our deadline and produced a final product which completely satisfied our needs. Her graphic and technical knowledge was excellent and she was a pleasure to work with. Even after the project had concluded, she was always available to help on additional items related to the original project. I would gladly welcome the opportunity to use her services again in the future.”
Jennifer Emory, Product Marketing Manager, The LIMU Company
“Anna is the epitome of professionalism! She has helped groom my design style since day one of working with her, and I am consistently in awe of her design style. She is always pushing herself and the people around her to be better by increasing their knowledge of new technologies and current design techniques. I would never hesitate to recommend Anna to anyone that find themselves in need of her services!”
Ed Cehi, Web Designer/SEO Consultant, NetSource Technologies
“Anna is an extremely talented designer. Her websites are always as beautifully designed as they are functional.”
Jamie Forgione, Web Designer, NetSource Technologies
“Anna is a very talented web designer. Her attention to detail and ability to think outside of the box is remarkable.”
Laura Weaver, Sales Representative, NetSource Technologies
“I worked with Anna for about 6 years on many, many website projects, trade show displays, brochures, etc. Her ideas were always well thought out and gave our customers what they were looking for and then some. Her website design skills are something to admire, award-winning in fact and I would recommend her highly. Anna has been and will continue to be my friend. She is trustworthy, loyal, dedicated to excellence and reliable.”
Cindy Spencer, Account Manager, RVUSA.com
“Sales & Marketing Associate
The company I work for hired Anna on a number of occasions to do web work for us. She always got the job done and went out of her way to make her self available to assist us (many times we had emergency situations with our website, and needed things done right then). She was able to fix complicated problems and always came through with exactly what we asked for. I especially appreciated her willingness to answer questions and her help guiding me through fixing a problem or learning how to do something if that was what I needed. Anna’s knowledge, expertise, creative mind, and easy-to-work-with personailty would be a valuable asset for anyone looking for help with their website.”
Jill Thiry, Sales & Marketing Associate & Web Master, Kimbo Educational
“Anna is an extremely organized and intelligent individual with incredible design skills – as the long list of awards she has won will attest to. She is able to handle customers with expertise, and is herself a wonderful person whom I feel privileged to have worked under. She will do well in any enterprise she chooses to pursue.”
Wendy Litteral, Website Designer, NetSource Technologies
“Anna represents the best of both worlds when it comes to design: unique creativity that sets her art far above even the best in her field, a ferocious attention to detail when it comes the needs of her clients, and impeccable diligence to see a project through to completion. She was a huge benefit to the several projects that we worked together on, exceeding my wildest expectations. I can’t wait for another opportunity to work with Anna!”
Jeremy Pihl, Network Consultant, DataOne Networks
“Anna is one of the most talented and hardest working graphic/web designers I know. Her skill set is deep and her attitude is positive and professional. It is always a pleasure getting to work with her on projects.”
Brent Haeseker, Website Consultant, NetSource Technologies

What Can Phongphusion Do For You?

Phongphusion Multimedia offers freelance design services for both web site design and print collateral. We provide services for the following:

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