Creative Work Process

At Phongphusion Multimedia Design, all creative work starts with a good foundation based on experience, knowledge and passion. Building from this foundation not only incorporates the latest thinking in responsive web design, but also creates a site that looks and works flawlessly on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.



We start with simple questions by taking some time to learn a bit about what it is that you’re looking for: your goals, aspirations, ideas, etc. Why do you need a website? What do you hope to accomplish? Who is your audience?

Before we start designing, we work with clients to define and prioritize the information and functionality, and understand your organization’s challenges, goals, and stories for your web site.


After our initial discussion, we work with you to define your project and goals. We will talk about what is possible versus what is practical, discuss your brand and who you are trying to reach, and develop a plan for the best course of action forward together. This also includes cost, time frames, and overall goals to make your project a success.

Design and Build

Once we’ve defined your project, the fun part begins. We design a series of mockups (for logos, web layouts, etc.) to help you visualize the look, feel and functionality of your website. Once it is all presented to you, your feedback is crucial. We, then, refine and polish the selected design together.

When we receive the sign-off to your design, we work to build your project properly to the technical specifications and appropriate standards established during the planning phase.


Once your new site has been built, we walk you through it and train you on the tools that we’ve implemented. While you are entering your site content (or we can do that too), we test for bugs and implement any final revisions or additions that you’ve requested. When we all decide that we are ready, we push the site live to the Internet.


The biggest misconception is that once the project is launched, this is the end of the road. However, it really isn’t. We are always willing to continue to work with you after the project has launched by providing continual support, ongoing training and consulting, future updates and maintenance, etc.

After this step, the process essentially starts over. We can discuss future updates and ideas, make a plan, and continue the creative work process.

“I have worked with Anna on a number of projects and found her to be an excellent collaborator. She worked hard to understand what I wanted and always produced excellent design. The most recent project was very complex and Anna produced a sophisticated web design in front of a complicated back end. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anna to anyone for this type of work.”


“Anna represents the best of both worlds when it comes to design: unique creativity that sets her art far above even the best in her field, a ferocious attention to detail when it comes the needs of her clients, and impeccable diligence to see a project through to completion. She was a huge benefit to the several projects that we worked together on, exceeding my wildest expectations. I can’t wait for another opportunity to work with Anna!”